7 – Wealth 2060: +182%

According to the OECD long term economic outlook for the year 2060 (link), the worldwide Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will raise 3,6 times higher than in 2013, in real 2005 Dollars (PPP) terms, more so in the Emerging Economies.

In the UK this GDP will be some 2,8 times higher by the year 2060, a lot more than the average in the OECD area (2,4 times) and even more positive in regard to the GDP per capita, because the UK population will continue to grow faster than in any other big EU country and according to Eurostat be about 80 million by the year 2060, outnumbering Germany with nine million people (link).

An old Chinese saying goes: “If you want 100 years of prosperity, grow people.” And that is my main point regarding the future & Scotland – or the UK for that matter: will you be able and willing to invest in Social Development like the Scandinavians have for the past 100 years?

With the prospects of a Scottish Green Economy at least three times more prosperous than today, the present discussions about oil revenues and taxation in an independent Scotland are very retrospective instead of discussing the visions of a New Golden Age in the Islands and the Highlands towards the years 2050 and 2060.

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