5 – Equality is better for Everyone

Why this is no coincidence, you may learn from the British researchers Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson of the Equality Trust (link). The slogan there: “Because more equal societies work better for everyone.”

And Pickett/Wilkinson quote: “In rich countries, a smaller gap between rich and poor means a happier, healthier and more successful population (link).” Life expectancy, Maths and literacy, Infant mortality, Homicides, Imprisonment, Teenage births, Trust, Obesity, Mental illness, Social mobility: all these factors correlate positively with more equal societies like Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Finland. Much more so than the United Kingdom (link).

In fact, the UK is one of the most unequal countries in Europe (link). Scotland on its own, only slightly better off.

Looking at this Scandinavian Model which refers to more equal and thus more prosperous societies, I would love to hear the Scots ask and answer the one important question before going to the polling stations: is this also the kind of vision you have for your own future?

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Scotland2060 vision

The UK way or Norway?

The UK way or Norway?

More on Equality in the big Poster! And more infographics like this for YOU to use and spread on the Web!

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