1 – Scotland the Next Norway?

Will Scotland be the Next Norway?

The Independence Referendum is not about staying in the UK or not, it is about a prosperous Scotland in the future New Golden Age thanks to Social Development, comparable to Scandinavia of today.

ICT Green Growth could make Scotland at least three times wealthier by 2060. The Referendum is therefore not about oil or NHS, it is about policy making in Edinburgh and Scotland.

Norway has the highest GDP per capita in Europe, the most valuable Sovereign Wealth Fund of the World, ranks Number One in the yearly UNDP Human Development Index and Number One in the Prosperity Index, has its own strong currency and a 5,1 million population, almost exactly the same as Scotland has, so why are Scots even considering to Vote No on September 18?

The most important reason why Scots should vote for their Independence, is not the Oil & Gas revenues, not the fishing areas and not even the Government in London, it’s the future, the New Golden Age, promising Scotland within the next fifty years a Social Development like Norway and a wealth more than three times higher than today.

Thanks to a paradigm shift, a Technological Revolution driven by ICT Green Growth, any nation will prosper tremendously for the next decades, even more so if a society invests in Social Development like the five Nordic countries have for the past 100 years.

The Nordic Model, or as I like to call it, the Scandinavian Model could be the “next Supermodel” (link to The Economist). Personal Freedom, Competition and Good Governance are the main factors, Social Development the key game changer.

If Scots would have a vision of some kind of this Scandinavian Model, that is really the only thing that matters in the Independence Referendum. Any country could aim for that, but the City of London and its Government there are no likely instigators to Social Development in the Islands and the Highlands.

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Scotland2060 vision

Scotland2060 median income

Scotlands Prospects

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